Huge Financial Low for Education

Ambitious and successful students at De Anza College will need to figure out an alternate route in order to keep themselves covered.
The Trump Administration is seeking to cut out grants so they can make more room for military spending. This deadly decision might cost families a blow to America’s already dooming education system.

courtesy of CBPP.ORG


By now, students are facing a bigger dilemma and that is either college is worth it financially.

A former student is neutral about his experience. “College is either of two things: an awesome experience or a debt sentence” said Daniel Emerson, 27 year-old Psychology alumni of UC Berkeley.

“I feel bad for students now that there’s not much money coming in for them.”

As the Trump Administration seeks to cut more federal funding from schools, some students have made harsh decisions ink order to cover their damages.

Current De Anza student Denise Salvini, 19,  says otherwise. “I think it’s an excuse for most students to opt out just because they’re not getting free money. I’m studying sociology at the moment and I don’t think for a second about if money is going to cover me or not.”


Unfortunately there are students who rely on federal funding to get themselves through life. Trevor Melendez, a 23 year-old English student at San Jose State, is strife about his future being more bleak.

“Man, have I got the chance to think it over about free money being gone. But I got a family to take care of, which is the main reason I’m in school. Without this opportunity, I’d be living in a dumpster with my kid.”

It seems like now that education for America is close to being dug into the grave.